Cucumber, borage and ginger salad

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Serves 2 as a side dish. This is a very refreshing salad so it’s a good accompaniment to rich meats and oily fish

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time:

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 2

Dietary guidance: v v g d 

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1 Sicilian cucumber
50g borage
2cm ginger, peeled and cut into thin matchsticks
1tbsp caster sugar
5 tbsp rice vinegar
½ tsp soy sauce


Peel alternate strips off the cucumber so that you end up with a stripey cucumber. Then slice very thinly and sprinkle with salt and leave to rest in a colander for 10 minutes until softened.

Chop the borage in 2 cm stripes, then lightly steam until just about wilted.

Mix the sugar and a pinch of salt with the vinegar and soy sauce.

Rinse the cucumber and squeeze to drain excess water.

Mix the cucumber and borage with the dressing, then sprinkle the ginger matchsticks on top.


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