Fleisch Rouladen

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Steak wrapped pickles! Adapted from my mom's recipe.

Preparation time: 2
Cooking time: 3

Difficulty: Medium - experience needed
Serves: 5

Dietary guidance: n 


Flank steak
1/2t dry mustard, pepper, ginger, salt
1/4t allspice
stick butter
1C wild rice mix
1/2C flour
6 dill pickle spears
handful mushrooms, diced
1 onion, diced


Melt the butter in two pans, sautee onions in one, wild rice in the other.
Add the mushrooms after a little bit. (Hmm, it might be possible to do this recipe without cooking the vegetables...)
Start the rice cooking, but with only 2/3 of the requisite water.

Cut the flank steak in half making TWO thin steaks. Yes, this is not easy
That's to reduce the pounding, which you still have to do, just not as much.

Dust the steak with all the spices.
Halve the steaks again, this time in the normal way, to get 4 pieces. Lay them out flat.
Mix rice & veggies and put a very thick layer & one pickle on the steak.
Roll it up: these should be so full, they can barely "close".
Tie with string, dredge in flour, brown in butter. bake with the rest of the rice mixture for 3 hours 300, covered.


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