Coca Cola Roast

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One of my specialties - my husband doesn't know my secret ingredient.

Preparation time: Not long at all!
Cooking time: All day in Crock pot - or 3 hours in the oven.

Serves: four hungry people


one 3-lb. chuck roast
one tablespoon of canola oil
one 16-ounce can of Coca Cola (NOT diet)
one bottle of Chili Sauce

Preheat oven to 350*


Brown roast on both sides in the oil.

If you're using the crock pot, then place the roast in the crock pot and pour over the Coke and Chili Sauce. Let it cook on LOW all day long.

If you're using the oven, then leave the roast in the roasting pan and pout over the Coke and Chili Sauce. Let it cook for about three hours.

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