Jiffy Devil's Food Cake

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Chocolate cake without egg or milk. UK/Canadian cooking measures and metric equivalents given. See measure conversions at http://www.onlineconversion.com/cooking_volume.htm

Preparation time: 15
Cooking time: 30

Serves: 4-6

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1-1/2 cup { 340 mL} white Flour (cake or all-purpose)
1 cup { 225 mL} white granulated Sugar
3 Tbsp { 45 mL} Cocoa, sifted (no lumps please!)
1 tsp { 3.5 mL} Baking Soda
1/2 tsp { 2 mL} Salt
1/3 cup { 75 mL} vegetable Oil
1 Tbsp { 15 mL} white Vinegar
1 tsp { 3.5 mL} Vanilla
1 cup { 225 mL} cold Water


Mix dry ingredients together and make 3 depressions.
Pour oil into #1, vinegar in #2, vanilla in #3.
Pour about half of the water over the whole thing and blend until there are no lumps. Then add the rest of the water. It's easier to crush lumps in a thick batter than a thin one!

Pour batter into baking pan ( 8 inch or 1.4 L size ).

Bake at 350°F { 175°C } for 25-30 minutes, until centre has risen and is no longer moist.

A word about baking pans and their effects on temperature and cooking times.
Pans can be made from tin, Pyrex® glass, aluminum, and now silicone gel and each have different heat conductive and heat reflective properties.

Light-coloured pans like aluminum or glass reflect more, providing even heating, but take LONGER to cook.

Darkest colours tend to cook the batter's surface edge more--good for a crisp cookies and pizza crusts, bad for light & fluffy cake. Ancient, blackened tins also tend to have salt embedded in them, leading to scorching. LOWER the oven temperature 50°F { 25°C } for this.

Thicker Pyrex® glass holds heat better than thin tins and so the cake keeps cooking AFTER you take it out! Again, drop the oven temperature when using glass bakeware.

A good description of the effects of pan shape on baking times, and a nice table of pan dimensions and their metric equivalents are at http://joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html


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