Stir Fried Glutinous Rice

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Chinese sausage/mushroom stir fry using glutinous/sticky rice. Easy and very authentic tasting. A good base for lo mai gai if you have lotus leaves.

Preparation time: 30mins
Cooking time: 40 mins

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 1-2


1 cup Glutinous rice.I usually buy this from the chinese supermarket but occasionally you'll see this in ordinary ones. Rinse well and soak 1hr to overnight in water. I've also made this without soaking.
Oyster sauce, 1-2 tbsp
8cm dried chinese sausage ( 1 sausage)
1tbsp dried shrimp soaked for 30 mins in water
4 dried shitake mushrooms, soaked for 30 mins in water
1 tbsp dried black fungus soaked for 30 mins in water (optional)
1 chopped spring onion
Light soya sauce to taste


(simple version)
Place glutinous rice in a large steel sieve (that one might use for sifting flour). Steam over a pan of boiling water for 30mins (prop the pan lid on top as best as you can or use tin foil), turn and break up the rice after 15 mins. If you didn't soak the rice before cooking, test and extend cooking time if it's still hard.
Slice the mushroom and fungus thinly. Dispose of the mushroom stalks if they're tough.
Chop the sausage into small dice and stir fry gently in a pan.
Add the soaked shrimp, mushroom, fungus (if used) and cooked rice. Break up the rice well as you stir fry all together.
Add oyster sauce and blend in well. Add a few shakes of light soya sauce and stir fry until the mix is dry.
Add spring onion, stir and serve.

Chinese dried sausage (not liver version) is usually sold in largish quantities and is therefore quite expensive per pack. I keep it loosely packed in the freezer and use them as needed. It's a similar texture to dry italian salami but is sweeter and more pungent. I don't know of a substitute.
Dried shrimp is similarly pungent and only a few are needed per dish. I store this in plastic bag with a bag lock in the fridge.


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