Bill's Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich

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Delicious turkey sandwich that uses not just the left over turkey but also your stuffing and cranberry sauce.

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Difficulty: Easy - for beginners


2 thick slices of fresh bread (egg bread is really good or even a good quality
multigrain bread)
Left over Turkey - Sliced and warmed up
Left over stuffing - Warmed up
Left over Cranberry Sauce
Butter or Mayo
Salt & Pepper


Spread Butter or Mayo over both slices of bread. On bottom half of bread, layer the stuffing first (in a thin or thick layer which ever you prefer) the turkey slices, a layer of cranberry sauce, salt and pepper to taste, a few lettuce leaves and then top with the other slice of bread to close sandwich.

* Excellent tasty sandwich I have made after every Xmas, Thanksgiving and Easter Turkey since meeting my Husband in the 1980's and he showed me how to assemble the best turkey sandwich I have ever had. He prefers his toasted with butter and I prefer mine on fresh soft bread with mayo :)


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