Pan Roasted Breast of Wood Pigeon

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Pan Roasted Breast of Wood Pigeon with a crispy bacon & leek risotto

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Difficulty: Medium - experience needed


2 breasts of wood pigeon
1tblsp chopped leeks
1tblsp diced bacon
1/2tblsp diced white onion
100g Arborio rice
350ml veg stock
1 bay leaf
½ clove garlic
100ml white wine
1 knob butter
300g grated parmesan
2 sage leaves


Sweat the garlic, leek, onion & bay leaf on a medium heat for 5 minutes.

Add the Arborio rice and cook for 2 minutes.

Add white wine and cook till absorbed.

Add the veg stock and cook till absorbed.

While the rice is cooking, fry the diced bacon and when crispy add to the rice.

Pan fry the wood pigeon for 1 minute on each side then leave to rest in a warm place, make sure to season well before cooking.

Add butter & parmesan to the risotto and mix well, season to taste.

To serve: Place the risotto in the centre of the plate, carve the pigeon and place on top (a drizzle of red wine jus is a nice addition but not essential.) Garnish with some fried sage leaves and finely shredded leek.


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