Bombay Sotong-Chicken Rice Noodles (Mee)

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A combination recipe of Bombay spices and Asian rice noodles with Chicken. Often called Bombay Ayam Mee

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time: 20

Difficulty: Medium - experience needed
Serves: 3-4

Dietary guidance: n d 

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1/2 whole broiler chicken cut up into 18-pieces. Discard ribs bones and neck, tail.
6-7 Frozen Sotong cuttlefish balls
1/2 yellow onion chopped fine.
3-4 garlic cloves diced
1/2 cup water
1/4 coconut milk
hand full of desiccated coconut;or fresh coconut.
2-tbsp sweet dessert coconut.
1-2 Chili Pepper Capsicum sliced round. I use frozen ones.

Spices might vary with what you have.
Garam Masala Curry powder with black pepper*
1/2 tsp curry turmeric powder or cumin.
2-tbsp curry powder -Asian style
1/2 cube TomYam or 2-spoons of paste.
1-4 tsp nutmeg spice.
1-2 cinnamon stick or powder.
1 tsp garam masala spices grounded fine.

Garnish: (optional)*
Sliced sponge tofu
Coriander leaves
Fried shallots
Fried garlic

*You can substitute Indian Garam Masala_black-pepper with Mild Curry powder. it wont be as hot as the Bombays make it and is more suitable for children. The idea of the recipe comes from Bombay chicken Briyani where they use cooked yellow rice instead of noodles.


1. Mix together spices from list above and mash with fork, and some water and make a paste. Set aside. chop semi frozen chicken into 18-pieces. Pour the paste right over the chicken and stir with a fork. Cover container with a sealed lid. Plastic ice-cream containers are perfect for this. Next chop onions, garlic, and chilies and place into small bowls or baggies. Ready the coconut and milk by opening containers and placing next to stove.

2. Heat a wonk with 1/2 cup oil add onions and sillies, star anise, cinnamon stick. Do not add garlic it will burn on hot oil. Let the aroma come out and then spoon off contents to a paper towel.

2b. Boil frozen Sotong cuttlefish balls while your cooking the garlic and chilies condiments. Save water for making the mee afterwards. Divide the balls into 1/4 bite size because they balloon up into bigger balls as they cook.

3. Cook the Chicken by dropping each piece into hot oil and reserving the left over curry water paste for later. The chicken should have defrosted and the spices would have absorbed into the meat by now. Frying the chicken until turns white and blood center is cooked through. Test with a knife. Remove chicken to same paper towel as cooked chilies and onions. Pour the oil fat into a jar for reuse later.

4. Boil the noodles (Rice Mee) or rice vermicelli in a pot and drain as soon as it is soft. Do not over cook or let stand. I reuse the same water from the sotong pan for added flavor.

5. Reheat the wonk adding a little chili oil from the pot. Stir-Fry the mee adding in divided sotong, left over chili-water-paste, and spices as you cook. Keep stirring and pass the chick back into the mee always stir until mee turns color (yellow). If the mee begins to stick to the pan your not stirring fast enough and add a bit more chili-oil. Next make a hole in the mee add the coconut milk, sliced sponge-tofu. Stir with a wooden spoon and simmer for 5-minute with a cover.

6. Serve on a platter and garnish with fried chilies, fried garlic, fried shallots, and bits of chopped coriander. These are optional depends on what you have. Serve hot is best.


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