Sino Pork Belly w Earl Grey in Crock Pot

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This recipe comes from a variation of Chinese stewed pork belly.

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time: 3-4 hrs

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 6

Dietary guidance: n g d 

Tags: soup · side · pork ·


3/4 pound pork belly
2-cup water
1/2 yellow onion diced
1-whole potatoe cubed
1-carrot sliced and peeled.
2-shallots chopped
3-garlic cloves chopped
3-bay leaf6-dry dates seedless or de-seed
1-earl Grey black tea bag
1-used tea bag.

Sock spices:
-Cardamon seeds
Cinnamen stick
Star Anise
1- Garam Massala -Tea Bag
-take old used tea bag and cut it open.
- dump out old tea
-add Fresh Indian "Garam Masala" cumin tumeric see, mustard seed.



Fill bag with all spices listed above and place it in the crock pot along with pork. Add the soya sauce by pouring it over the meat. Fill water so it almost covers the meat and add the vinegar. Add the chili whole and the onions. Turn the pot on low and heat the
pot to warm up the water.

If you use a plastic sock like I did you'll have to remove it once the spices filtrate into the water before switching it to high.You can also use a coffee pot sock. The idea is too keep the seeds from mixing in with the meat.

Add the potatoes and carrots set pot to high and cook for 3-4 hrs. Switch to low and serve warm/hot over rice or in a bowl.


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