Squash Risotto

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yummy, hard work. This is from Gina

Preparation time: 0
Cooking time: 2

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners

Dietary guidance: v g 

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1 butternut squash, halved
2 cups risotto (arrabiato) rice
3 tablespoons honey
3 sprigs fresh rosemary, fresh thyme
butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg
1 medium yellow onion
1 bottle dry white wine (I used a fancy Chardonnay)
1 chunk Parmesan
1 carton heavy cream
better than bullion - chicken or veggy


preheat 350 degrees
halve butternut squash, brush surface with honey, stick thyme & rosemary in the middles of each half, and put center-sides down on baking sheet in the oven.
wait 40-60 minutes until squash is soft, then scoop into food processor with the rest of the honey and 1/2 teaspoon(ish) of salt/pepper, puree.
dice onion finely and saute in butter & olive oil until translucent, and then add rice. Stir 3-4 minutes until all the rice is coated with butter and sorta translucent.
Add butternut squash puree, mix with rice
Add chicken/veggy broth in 1-cup increments, stirring to mix & let absorb, for about half an hour.
Add a couple shakes of nutmeg
Add some of the white wine
Add some of the heavy cream (like 1/4 carton)
Add Parmesan
Add some more white wine
stir until the rice is al-dente.
salt & pepper to taste

Melt some butter in a pan
Dice the rosemary & thyme and add to pan
add chopped baby bella mushrooms (not white mushrooms!)
saute until yummy

Top the risotto with the sauteed mushrooms.


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