Mmm mmm good gnocchi!

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saucy & satisfying

Serves: 6

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3 garlic or hot italian sausages (your favourite)
2 onions sliced (1 videllia and 1 red ideally)
1 green pepper sliced
1 red pepper sliced
lots and lots of garlic smashed and chopped up.
Large jar of homeade tomatoe sauce or favourite store bought (pc's veg. bolognese works well)
1 lg. package gnocchi


Fry sausage til juice runs clear - remove from pan, cut into chunks & cover with foil.
In same pan sautee onion/peppers/garlic until fragrant (couple of min's) add sausage back to mix - add in jar of pasta sauce and some fresh diced up plum tom's if in season... cover and simmer.
Meanwhile cook gnocchi according to directions - drain and add to the pan. Let simmer 5 more minutes or so... have parmasean or romano cheese to decorate!
Get your baguette, salad and red wine ready and enjoy. Very filling.....


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