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An Italian puff pastries topped with chocolate!!!!
an easier way to make this is buy cream puff pastry's (grocery store, sam's club, bj's) and just prepare the chocolate and pour all over the pastries. This will take approximatly 5 min.

Preparation time: 30 min
Cooking time: 2 min

Serves: depends how many puffs per pack

Dietary guidance: v 


1) Profitaroles (little puffs)
2) Dark melting chocolate
3)1 cup whipping cream
4)Powdered sugar
5)Whipped cream that comes in a can you can


1)Stick the tip of the whip cream can in the profitaroles and fill it up with whip cream
2)Repeat for each profitaroles
3)Then on the stove, pour in whipping cream and keep adding choclate.
4) remove chocolate until completely melted(2 min)
5) Let it cool for a while and pour the chocolate all over the profitaroles
6) Keep in the refrigerator for atleast 1 1/2 hour
7) Enjoy!

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