Bircher Muesli

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300 ml milk
80 gr sugar
60 gr oat meal

40 gr dried raisin
10 gr rum

370 gr grated fresh apple
50 gr chopped walnut
1 pcs orange zest
1 pcs lemon zest
10 gr sesame seed

300 ml whipping cream
QS Berries compote on the top


1) Wash the raisin in water for a few minute drain out the water and soak the raisin into rum over night

2)Warm the milk to 80 *c add the sugar and bring to Boil.

Removed the milk From the stove to add the Oat meal, cool-down the mixture Over Night in the refrigerator

3) On the next Morning add the Whipped Cream and remaining ingredients

Top the muesli with the compote

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