BiHun Goreng Ayam-Chasau Maksakan "Fried Rice-Noodle with Chicken and Pork"

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An sweet-n-sour version of Fried Vermicelli noodles. I learn to make this by watching them in restaurants here. You can add your own meats if you can't find curred red-pork meat use fried bacon.

Preparation time: 5
Cooking time: 20

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 5-6

Dietary guidance: n g d 

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** Optional Ingredients
** 1/2 Cup of Boiled Pawn meat (2-3 boiled chicken leg/wing)
** 1/2 cup bean spouts -cleaned
1-2 cups warm water.

4-5 Black Mushrooms rehydrant. (Let soak for 5-10-minutes in warm water)
2-3 Tsp of frozen peas rehydrant. (Let soak for 5-10-minutes in warm water)

1-2 Bunches of dry Rice noodle Vermicelli "meehoon"
1-package of Bi-Hun Spices "Ala Masakan Rumah" -or mix your own.
1-Green Bell pepper sliced fine.
1-2 pickle Carrot-Ginger sliced fine.
1-Small red radish or Merah Onion -chopped fine.
1/2 yellow Onion diced
1-tbl spoon of snow butter-margin
1/4 of Turmeric Powder
1/8 Chili Asam (Chilies and Vinegar-water)
2-eggs whipped
1/3 cup cooking oil

What is BiHun Mix "Ala Masakan Rumah"
Ingrediants. Sugar, Salt, Chili, garlic Poder, Onion powder and Palm Oil extract. Some packets contain shrimp paste..."Belacan udang powder" in Malaysia. What's that?
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1. Wash and risen all veggies. Dice and slice everything before wetting the meehoon.

2. prepare an egg creep (fried egg) and remove to plate to cool.

3.. Prepare meehoon in a bowl of warm water (not boiled) for 5-minutes, and drain. (Any longer than that they will come apart.)

4. Began stir-frying onion on low in butter. Add diced garlic to golden onions. Remove to a plate when garlic turns golden -not brown.

5. Add cooking Oil to pan and tun up heat to high. Add the Turmeric powder and chilies/paste to hot oil. Careful for spatter. Stir few minutes until aroma of chilies come out.

6. Add Green peppers, sprouts** , mushroom extra chilies** to hot oil.

7. Add meats to the veggies, and stir-fry in hot oil. 2-minutes cos meat should be done. Don't over cook.

8. Drop mee-hoon into the hot oil and tosh with chopstick or wand. Add whole packet of BiHun Spices "Ala Masakan Rumah" by sprinkling it in like pepper. Tosh vigorously until oil coats all the meehoon, Keep tosh and add the fried onion-garlic back into the wonk. About 8-10 minutes. The meehoon should shrink a bit then it's done and should be crispy to the touch.

9. Remove to a warm plate, and tosh some more. Garnish with slices of fried-egg creep, and fried onions or nuts.

10. Serve hot with sour-chili sauce. "Vinegar and sliced chilies"


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