Sabah-Sarawakan Chili-Con Cardne Crock Pot

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A play-off texas Beef-Bean Chili that is really hot. This an't your grandmothers chili-con-Cardne.

Preparation time: 10
Cooking time: 3-4hrs

Difficulty: Medium - experience needed
Serves: 6-10

Dietary guidance: n d 

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1/2 lb minced beef
5-6 shilvers of pork-Chasau. "Chinese Curied Red Port shaved"
1-yellow onion diced
3-4 Scotty Bonnet Chilies
2-tbl spoon of dark red chilili paste
1/2 cup tomatoe sauce (catsup)
2-tsp vinager
1 8oz can sweet red kidney beans.
1/4 cup tumericand cumin
1-cup chicken broth fresh made.
1-lemon grass stalk smashed
1/4 cup cooking oil
1-tsp nutmeg
1-tsp mint leaves chopped
1-tsp caster sugar
1-small tomatoe diced.
salt and black pepper to taste...couple shakes.


In sauce pan:

1. Blacken Onion in oil along with capsum chili or padas chili
2. add vingar-chili Scotty Bonnetts padas to oil
3. removed blacked onions to plate and drain pil back into pan.
4. Spoon in 1/2 cup tumeric and combine with a fork until frangrant.
5. Add the ground beef. Salt and pepper. Cook beef until it forms small crumbs.
6. Add mint leaves while it cooks.
drain to a paper towel.

In the crock pot:

1. Add kidney bean & water
2. Combine Blacken onion and chilies with the beans in crock-pot.
3. Add in more chili-paste and catsup to form a paste around the beans. it will be sticky.
4. Add 1-cup chicken stock.
5. Add 1-smashed lemon grass stalk.
6. Add chopped tomatoes, nutmeg.
7. Add tsp sugar.

Place pot on high for 4-hrs
serve over rice.

TBC. "I'm always updating this or seeking new chili recipes.


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