Kartoffel Salat - Austrian Potato Salad

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This mayo-free classic goes amazingly well with a crispy schnitzle, and a nice cold lager.

Preparation time: 5min
Cooking time: 15min

Serves: 4 ppl

Dietary guidance: v v 

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8 Medium potatoes - medium waxyness.
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
1/2 cup plain vinegar
3/4 cup warm water (this is important- do not omit!!)
4 tbs sunflower or olive oil
2 Shallots
salt and pepper


1. Peel potatoes and cut into matchbox sized chunks. Boil, or microwave with a bit of water at the bottom to steam.

2. While that's cooking, finely mince the shallots. In a bowl, put the vinegars with the shallots and salt and pepper. Mix and let it sit.

3. When the potatoes are done (a knife goes in and out easily) make sure they are not too mushy- take them out at the just cooked through stage. OK. Pour over the vinegar / shallot mixture, and mash with a potato masher, so that its half mash to half chunks. It should still be really chunky.

4. Then pour the warm water in a bit at a time, until you get a loose texture to the mashed potatoes- they shouldn't be stiff, they should be slightly runny. Drizzle over the oil and check for seasoning. Chill.

5. Serve at slightly cooler than room temperature with a nice Schnitzle!

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