"Super Stuffed" quesidilla, the way they're s'possed to be made

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for us big men who don't like to wait, or hold back because of health, but still want the best quality

Serves: you'll eat the whole thing, trust me

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torillas, oil, lots-o-ground beef, butter, jalepeno cheese(sorry bout spellin), two other cheeses of your choice, an orange chees (you wont need a lot though) green peppers, some onions (sliced, diced, who cares?), a hearty salsa, and I think that's it. Now as an ambitious person, I change my recipe based on my mood, and based on whatever is left in my fridge, so feel free to mess w/ this recipe


1. cooketh the meat (cook the meat)

First you wanna cook the ground beef, onions, and green peppers. It's important that you cook them all together. Make sure you cook it in normal oil, none of that "olive oil" crap, though it will still work, it wont taste anywhere near as good. alright, basically throw all the beefs and onions and peppers into a frying pan, cook till theres no red. And one more thing, don't hold back, throw as much of that beef and such as you need, trust me, if you dont you'll just be eating a big glob of cheese.

2. Prepare thy edibles (puttin it together)

Now you put one tortilla on a plate, or whatever flat surface you got. put a light layer of the lesser of your two favorite cheeses, then a slightly heartier helping of your fave cheese, then put half of whatever amout of the jalepeno cheese you want, according to your taste for the spicey stuff. Now you put your beef and onions and peppers which I assume you've drained the oil out of (not only is it unhealthy, it don't taste very good). now add the remaining half of your jalepeno cheese, the same amount of your fave cheese, then light layer of lesser fave. (by the way, using chedder would be a good idea)

3. Abstain from charring thyself (the stove)

You'll need to cook this on a largish electric frying thingie, or else the semi-most important part of this recipe wont work. cover the area that your quesidilla will be on with butter. MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU FLIP IT, TO BUTTER AGAIN. Now take your orange cheese and put it halfway in and halfway out of the quesidilla as it's on the stove, then proceed to put the cheese on the top of the edges of the quesidilla. But before you do this, you must kinda crush outside the edges of the quesidilla, so that it'll actually stay together, and you gotta put the cheese on both sides of the quesidilla. This'll give the quesidilla a crunchy outside, and most importantly, it'll keep all the stuff you pumped into this thing inside the quesidilla. This part can be a little difficult though, but you'll get it eventually.

4. Enjoy thy vanquished foes spoils! (Time to eat)

Now we get to eat. get yourself a bowl of hearty salsa and enjoy!


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