4-Cheese Macaroni Pizza with Maze Crust

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Ok I lied it's really 5-cheeses if you count the cheese inside the chicken sausages. Don't laugh I really put it in my kid's pizza and they loved it. This is a very cheesy pizza with macaroni cheese filling with chicken sausages.

Preparation time: 20
Cooking time: 40

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 6-7


Kraft / Western Macaroni Cheese Noodle Mix
1/2 cup Cheater cheese
1/2 cup Mozzarella Cheddar Cheese
1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese
5-6 Chicken-Cheese Sausages
1-can of Prego mushrooms
1-can of button mushrooms -sliced if you like them.

For the Maze dough it sets up like a cracker unlike wheat- dough.
1-cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup Maze flour (Cornbread flour NOT corn-Flour)
1/3 cup corn oil
1-egg yoke separated (Save white for brushing bread)
1/2 cup carnation cream milk
1-tbs sugar
1 package active yeast
1-egg white in bowl for brushing.
1/8 cup salt to bind.
herbs- parsley flakes or pizza herbs


Make mac-n-cheese as directed on the box.
Prepare the yeast first and heat your oven to 350F
In a cup milk the yeast, sugar , and warm water. Stir and cover it until the yeast foams. The water can't be too hot or the yeast will die. Throw it out if it doesn't ferment. start over.

Chop the sausages into rounds. The sausages should be sliced into small round patties not diced because cheese will come out. Don't cook them just thaw them until you can slice them with a knife. if you kids are hungry now give them some mac-n-cheese while you make the pizza. Save about 1-cup of mac-n-cheese for your pizza.

Prepare the dough
Dump flour, maze, 1-egg yoke, salt, corn-oil risen-yeast-foam! into a bowl and combine with a fork until you have small bread crumbs or clumps. Now get your hands wet by adding in 2-tbs of milk residue from the yeast, and squish it up with your hand. Of course if you have nice nails use a blender. Keep working the dough until it pulls into a yellowish form. add more milk if it starts to tare. Remove from the bowl onto a board and work until all the four is combined. Work it into a ball then put it back in mixing bowl and cover with a damp cloth. Place it in the microwave and wait for 30-minutes for the dough to rise. The microwave is a cool dark place. No power required.

Open the Prego-sauce into a bowl & add 1-tbsp of sugar. Slice mushrooms and dry them on a paper towel. -set aside.

After timer says 30-minutes pull dough from oven onto a board and roll with a rolling pin. No you don't need to dust it with flour if using a nonstick surface. just keep flipping it over as you stretch it.

Ready your pizza pan. I used a small pan 8x11" for my toaster oven. Lightly Sprayed or oil the pan. Place pan over the dough and flip the board over so dough comes out upside down. press the edges into the pan. prick it with a fork all over until it looks like a cracker. Brush the dough with the remaining milk-yeast solution. Proof it into oven on 150F for 10-minutes until dough rises and starts to set.

Remove the proofed dough and add the toppings starting with the Prego-sauce by spooning it on top. Don't flood the pizza it should be a thin layer of sauce a bit uneven in places. Add the chicken sausage slices, sprinkle on the mac-n-cheese & herbs. Then top with the 3-cheeses in order (mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan Cheese). "Omit the herbs if your allergic."

Put it in the oven on 350F-high for 30-minutes using the lower element to avoid browning the top. If the top starts to turn too fast then reduce the heat & cook until dough sets. I do this in the taster oven so I have control over the element. Just watch it closely cos they don't like it burned. 30-minutes is enough time for any pizza except pork.

Remove and let it stand for 10-minutes to cool before you slice it. You Can store slices in the fridge for 3-days. Mine never last that long.

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