Sino CornBeef n Cabbage

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This recipe started out being plain-corn beef n cabbage but got Sinoize somewhere along the way. What can I say Chinese love noodles? Oh so you can't wait 8-hrs you can also boil it like the Irish do.

Preparation time: 30
Cooking time: 8hrs

Difficulty: Easy - for beginners
Serves: 10


Slice all veggies very thin on a slicer so they cook evenly.

1/2 red cabbage
4 large carrots
4 cups water
1 can Sino corned beef brisket
6 ounces beer - use real beer not malt.
1/2 head of cauliflower or any veggie or apples if you want
2-3 hot viper chilies - diced or any hot chilies
pinch of salt for boiling water.

Spices for the brisket corn beef in a bowl combine.

pinch salt
pinch pepper white
pinch garlic powder
pinch paprika
pinch dill
pinch parsley
dash pepper corns
dash nutmeg

mee-keuy-Teow Noodles often called Teow-mee in Chinese
egg-noodles fat dough mee
or white rice.


Place the carrots, potatoes, and cabbage into the bottom of a slow cooker, & combine all slices. add parsley and dill. pour on water and 1/2 can beer.. boil on high for 10-15 minutes.

While cooking veggies open the brisket and DO NOT slice. Pull from the can and roll it in the spices. Slice it directly in half. Roll in spices again.

Lower heat on slow cooker and add the brisket to the top of cooked veggies. Add 1/2 can beer, sugar to sweeten and pinch of corn-flour. Set for 6-8hrs on low.

!/2 just before serving open and cut brisket into slices. Lightly sir it and taste the sauce. Season to taste. How he likes it salty or sweet? or more beer. Don't stir it too much the can corn-beef comes apart.

Combine the kuey-Teow Mee (Sino fat-white noodles) or fat egg noddles into pot. These will absorb much of the gravy. if your man loves gravy then server it over boiled noodles or rice.


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