Aussie Chocolate Ripple Cake

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This dessert is very..very popular in Australia.

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250g chocolate cookies (wafers, not chocolate coated though)
500ml thickened cream, lightly sweetened and stiffly beaten
sweet sherry or raspberry jelly (optional)


1. Take a cookie and dunk it quickly in sweet sherry (or smear it
with jelly for children) if you wish-this helps speed up the cookies
2. spread the smooth side of the cookie thickly with cream and
3. Sandwich the two you have done together and stand them on a
4. Repeat this until all the cookies are used and you have formed
a"log" of cookies and cream.
5. Cover the entire log thickly with more cream and cover loosely
with cling wrap before refrigerating for about 8 hours-as I said, the
sherry or jelly speeds this up (and I like the added flavour of
either) Decorate with grated chocolate, or pipe extra cream around
the log before serving.


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