Basic Pizza Dough

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Preparation time: 1 hr
Cooking time: 12-14 mins

Serves: 4

Dietary guidance: v 


Basic Pizza Dough
1 pack active dry yeast
1 cup water
pinch of sugar
2 cups bread flour
2 tbs olive oil
1 tsp salt

This pizza uses a basic tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It's topped with basil after baking.
For tomato sauce:
2 cups crushed tomatoes
2- tbs olive oil
couple of basil leaves
salt and pepper to taste
add as much mozzarella cheese as you like and your favourite toppings


Mix yeast, water + sugar and let stand 10 minutes. Work in 1/2 the flour and add the remaining ingredients. Knead for 5 minutes then let stand until dough doubles in size. (approx 35 min). Add pizza ingredients and bake pizzas at 425 on pizza stone for 12-14 minutes.

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