Mushroom soup for Jen

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As served at Poppin' Pete's farewell party.


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Well..I hardly recall the exact method from that night, I think there were about 5 different soups on the go..but in essence I would:

* Chop up an onion and some garlic.
* Sweat them in oil. (Important to choose a top quality oil for health benefits & favourites are coconut oil, safflower oil, macadamia nut oil, pumpkin seed oil..)
* Then just chop the mushies in half and pop them in - be delicate, these are your little friends
* Cube a few potatoes and add them too
* Add enough liquid stock to cover (make your own, otherwise choose one without msg)
* Cook for a bit then add herbs of your choice.
* Then I think I blended it all up with coconut cream. I can't think what else I would have done other than that? Easy huh?

..The most important ingredient is love! You have to be in a good headspace and put some meaning into your cooking.


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