Parmesan Fried Zucchini

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2-3 large zucchinis
cooking oil (high burning is better, such as peanut, soybean, safflower, etc.)
1 1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
2 eggs
Salt & pepper to taste


Beat eggs and place into a dipping bowl. Mix flour, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper in another dipping bowl.

Cut zucchinis into 1/2 round slices. Dip zucchini slice in egg, then lightly coat in flour mixture. (Tip: use one hand to dip in egg and the other to dip in flour - less messy.) Place slice on cookie sheet. Continue until all slices have been battered once. Place cookie tray in fridge and let sit for 1/2 hour. Keep remaining flour mixture for later. After batter has “set”, coat each slice again with the flour mixture and return to cookie sheet. Place back in fridge for another half hour for the second coat to “set.” Allowing the batter to set helps keep it from falling off when frying.

Fill up large frying pan with 1 1/2 to 2 inches of cooking oil and bring to high heat. Make sure it is completely hot before starting with the zucchini (battered slice should immediately explode into bubbles when dropped in oil.) Using long tongs, drop zucchini slices (one at a time, do not let crowd in pan) into the frying oil. Let fry for a few minutes (turning over with tongs a couple of times to evenly brown) until golden brown on both sides.

Set aside cooked zucchini on paper toweled plates to drain (can put in oven to stay warm if you are making a lot of batches.) Repeat batches until all are cooked.

Break out your favorite dipping condiments and enjoy!

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