Arns Omelette

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its an omelette

Serves: 2

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4 X eggs
4 large brown mushrooms chopped
half a green pepper chopped
half an onion-chopped finely
one chilie finely chopped
a bunch of dhania (coriander for the non-indians)
salt pepper
double cream


Egg part
Whisk the can add milk if you want them fluffy.
pour into frying pan and cook till no soggy bits (ideally flip over)

Filling part
add a tblsp of oil or butter to a pan
add onions and saute (im not too sure if thats the right term..but they go kinda translucent and soft)
add mushrooms and peppers (this recipe only works well with brown mushrooms)
cook well till everything softens and water evaporates
Add salt and lots of black pepper(freshly ground)
add lots (big handful) of chopped coriander ( i like it quite finely chopped) and chillie
fry a bit more
add a cup of double cream (the one you get from woolies works the best)
reduce temp and keep stirring till it reduces and thickens.
Once its thick--doesnt run off the spoon--add to one side of omelette. Flip over.


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