Flank steak marinated in apricot, almonds, and garlic

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Preparation time: 1 day +
Cooking time: 20 + minutes

Serves: 1-2


(Can be adjusted for a larger steak or more people)
1/2 lb beef flank steak
1 cup Bragg's Liquid Amino's
1-2 cups of water (see directions)
5 small cloves of garlic
1/8-1/4 cup almonds
1/4 cup dried apricots
2-3 tblsp freshly ground pepper
3 tsp cilantro (dried, more if fresh)
2-3 tblsp sesame oil
1 pinch nutmeg
1 bay leaf


Put steak into a bowl/dish that can be covered (saran wrap is fine), and is no bigger than 1 1/2 in space around the steak. Put in Bragg's Liquid Amino's and 1 cup of the water in the bowl, so that is surrounds the steak well. Remove fats from the meat as much as possible and leave in the bowl to help marinate

Chop up garlic in small pieces and place in bowl around steak. Do the same with the apricot and almonds.

Put about 1 tblsp of pepper into the bowl, 1 tsp of cilantro, and 1 tblsp sesame oil, pouring over the top of the steak. Mix liquids and spices together slightly, and then pack the garlic, almonds, and apricots on top of the steak, bringing the liquid on top as well to help pack down (keep moist). Leave for about 5 minutes. Come back and resoak the top of the steak, remaining coated with apricots, garlic, and almonds--reapplying and packing onto the top as necessary. (May want to repeat a few times, depending on the size of the steak and how well it is sticking to the top.)

Once the top is sufficiently packed down, sprinkle the remaining cilantro on top and the pepper, heavily coating the top of the steak. Carefully and slowly drizzle the remaining 1-2 tblsp of sesame oil over the top of the steak, so that it runs off the sides bringing much of the cilantro, but leaving much of the pepper. Sprinkle the tiniest bit of nutmeg in the liquid mixture around the steak, but not on the steak at all.

Add remaining water, so that it comes to just barely the top of the steak, but not covering the ingredients on top. Add bay leaf. Lightly mix liquid around steak. Make sure the top is sufficiently moist. (May want to spoon a small amount of liquid over the top.)

Cover and place in refrigerator for at least 12 hours, better if closer to 24 hours. (Overnight and through work the next day.)

Heat up grill so that it is at least 250 degrees. Take meat out of liquid, gently wiping off the "extras" back into the marinade bowl. Grill to desired level of "done-ness." (I like mine with most of the pink gone.)

(Potato flour and xanthium gum later to use remaining liquid/sauce to make a gravy/sauce. Can also reuse liquids for another steak. May need to add additional ingredients, but not as much, to flavor better.)


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