Elvish Waybread

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Inspired by what the hobbits from Lord of the Rings eat on their journey. This is the perfect energy food for hiking mountains which I've made many times for that purpose.


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250g oats
150g brown sugar
150g margarine or butter
Juice of two lemons
4 heaped tbsp grated coconut
Half a ginger root grated
Handful of sultanas
Handful of chopped pistachios
Squeezy honey
2 bars of White chocolate


Melt butter and sugar then tip into the bowl already containing all other ingredients except chocolate. Mix it all together.

Place in oiled tray and use the back of a wet spoon to compress and smooth it right down. Take care not to let the sultanas be too exposed on the top.

Cook for about 20 minutes on gas mark 5. (This depends how thick you’ve made it. Don’t let it over cook or it’ll turn out like a dry biscuit once its cooled. You want some moistness.

Let it cool and coat with melted white chocolate.

It should make 12 pieces.


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