Spicy Pumpkin Soup

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Recipe given on Wiggly Wigglers Podcast

Preparation time: 20mins
Cooking time: 35mins

Serves: 4

Dietary guidance: v v 

Tags: starter · pumpkins ·


1kg Pumpkin Flesh
1 onion
2 Gloves Garlic
2.5cm (1 inch) Ginger root Crushed
900ml Vegetable Stock
1 chili
2tbs Oil
1 tsp Cumin
1 tin of tomatoes
salt and pepper
200ml Coconut Cream


Heat oil in pan put onion, ginger and chili - fry until soft
Add Cumin and fry for one minute
Add Pumpkin, Tomatoes and stock bring to the boil then simmer for 20minutes
Blend, season then stir in coconut cream.


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