Chicken, Spinach, and Cheese Enchiladas

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Tasty chicken enchiladas covered with a spinach, green onion, and green chile sauce. Muy delicioso!

Preparation time: 20-30 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes

Serves: 4-5


-1 can mild green chiles (diced)
-1 package frozen, chopped spinach
-1 can cream of chicken soup
-1 pint sour cream
-1 bundle of green onions
-1 package shredded Mexican cheese mix
-4 chicken breasts
-10 large flour tortillas


Cook chicken breasts and shred or cut into small pieces. Put aside.

In a large pan on the stove set on medium heat, combine chopped spinach, mild green chiles, one can cream of chicken soup, and diced green onions. Stir for a minute, then remove from heat and add in pint of sour cream. Mix together well and set aside.

Fill flour tortillas with shredded chicken and a small amount of cheese. Place in a 13 x 9 inch baking pan (about 5-6 enchiladas fit in a pan). Cover enchiladas with sauce from stove and add cheese on top of them.

Bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees or until cheese has melted down and tortilla edges are browned.

Makes approximately 10-12 large enchiladas.


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