Chicken a la Kiev

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Shredded chicken with curd and boiled eggs served wtih rice and red chutney.

Serves: 6

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1 Chicken shredded , 2 tbsp. oil , 3 boiled eggs , 2 capsicums , 2 small onions , 2 tbsp. wheat flour , salt and pepper.

For red chutney : 4 tbsp tomatoe puree , salt , pinch curry powder and little oil.


In a pan put oil and add : onions , boiled shredded chicken , salt and pepper and stir fry in low heat .
Once starting to sizzle and flour and stirfry for 3 mins. and add stripped capsicums - stir a while then put off the heat.
In a bowl beat yoghurt slightly with fork and add boiled eggs cut into thick strips .
When ready to serve - heat the chicken mixture for a while , put off the heat and mix in yoghurt mixture and serve with chutney and rice .

CHUTNEY : Make a mixture of Tomato puree with salt and pinch of curry powder in a bowl. Heat oil - it shud be that hot that when you add to mixture in bowl it shud sizzle and stir fast so oil mixes into the paste mixture.


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