Fruit Sorbet

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I do not mean appear selfish, but this is the best sorbet I ever had and I honestly believe it can compare to such store brands as Haagan-Daas (Which is an American company imitating a European style, by the way). You will need a blender, a strainer, an i


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-1 Cup of Sugar
-1 Cup of Water
-1 Liter of all your favorite fruits, all nicely sliced, diced, or quartered
-2 Ounces of Lemon Juice, usually made up of 2-4 lemons, based upon their sizes or how much juice they can squeeze out. Be sure to run the lemons under hot water, roll them bard on a cutting board, then cut them in half to squeeze on to a lemon juicer.
-1/4 of a Cup of Corn Syrup


-In a small pot, pour in the sugar and water together, but do not stir. Just leave it as is and turn the heat on to the highest level. When it finally reaches to a full boil and it appears that the sugar has evaporated inside on the water, turn off the stove and remove the pot from heat. When you know for sure the heat on the area of the stove you used has finally cooled down, pour the content of the pot into a bowl so it can cool some more. What you have here is a simple syrup and you want to be sure that it has cooled to its fullest. Once you have poured the syrup into the bowl, you may then start going to the next steps.
-Pour the fruits and lemon juice into a blender. First, you must pulse all the fruit. Once all the fruit has been pulsed, puree it. Get out another bowl and pour the contents inside of the blender into that bowl through a strainer as to remove all those seeds, pulp, skin, or any other extra material that you just do not need. What you have in that bowl is fruit puree.
-The simple syrup has cooled down enough by then and pour it as well as the corn syrup into the puree. Mix them together and place plastic wrap over the bowl. Place it in the fridge and let chill for a full hour.
-When the hour has passed, pour the content into the ice cream maker and let it do its job for half an hour. When the time is up, pour as much of it as you can into an airtight container. It will appear as mushy as apple sauce, but do not feel discouraged by this. This is completely normal. Once all the content has been transferred into an airtight container, place it in the freezer and let stand until the next day, obviously for after dinner time. By then, the texture will be perfect and you will have the fruit sorbet that you dreamed of tasting in the first place.


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