Gardoza's famous tuna pasta

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if you like tuna and garlic this is yum!


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Sauce:3 to 4 cans of Century tunaas much garlic as you want (finely chopped)3 to 4 tomatoes (quartered)Borges olive oil (frying purposes)Borges olive oil with garlic (for taste)pepper,thyme, rosemary and salt (for taste)


drain tuna. heat frying pan with Borges olive oil. when ready, fry garlic and shortly after add in tomatoes WITHOUT THE SEEDS. make sure the garlic is cooked but not burnt. add the tuna and while you're heating it, keep on adding the Borges olive oil with garlic. mix around then add salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary for taste. NOTE: MORE garlic, better taste. and never get scared to keep on adding the olive oil with garlic, thats what makes it taste good. add alot of salt, even if it's a tad bit too salty tasting, cause remember, you'll be adding noodles that taste nothing but garlic. also, it'd not true how they say the more spices, the better.. keep on tasting it as you mix. Noodles:1 pack of Vermicelli NoddlesBorges olive oil (the one you used for frying the sauce)as much garlic as you want (finely chopped)Borges olive oil with garlic (same as the sauce's) Boil noodles in a big pot. water should be half filled. while waiting for it to boil, add a teasepoon of Borges olive oil. When boiling already, add noodles and add another two teasepoons of the olive oil. dont cover but let alone for a minute. after the minute, keep stiring for another four minutes, then after, turn of fire and let it sit for a minute and stir again for another 30 seconds or so till noodles are al dente. drain water and under the faucet, handle noodles with cold water and make sure all strands are cool. when finish, pour Borges olive oil on top of noodles making sure all strands are covered with oil. then mix the chopped garlic with the noodles and when evenly spread, pour Borges olive oil with garlic making sure all stands are oiled. NOTE: More garlic, better taste. dont get scared to add olive oil as well. mix sauce and noodles together, top with Parmesan cheese


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