College Student's Panini

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No panini grill required.
You can work with the ingredients depending on your budget and preferences.
Not low fat but worth the splurge.
Kind of the upscale version of grilled cheese.
Great for casual entertaining on a budget and with limited cooking

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: ~ 5-10 minutes

Serves: As many as you want

Dietary guidance: v 

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Sliced bread
Splurge: Good sourdough, slices on the thinner side
Cheap: Whatever is in the fridge

Deli Meat, thinly sliced (may be excluded for vegetarians)
Splurge: Prosciutto, an italian ham, VERY GOOD
Cheap: Ham

Roasted Red Peppers, usually in a jar soaking in Olive Oil. No real exception for this. Most groccers have this, just ask.

Splurge: Fresh mozzerella, over in the specialty cheese cooler. Usually sort of a ball of cheese.
Cheap: Provolone

Olive Oil. If the roasted red peppers come in the Olive Oil, save yourself some money and just use that. It probably tastes better too.
Splurge: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cheap: Olive Oil, Butter, Pam (not my favorite but if you're on a budget...)

Your Panini Grill: One large skillet or frying pan, a brick, and lots of tin foil. If you don't have a brick, just use a smaller pan.
Wrap the brick in LOTS of tin foil or put tin foil on the bottom of the second frying pan. If you're using the second frying pan technique, keep a pot holder on hand as the second pan will likely heat up.

Serving Suggestion: I like it with soup, preferably something like minestrone.


Heat first skillet on stove with medium to medium-high heat

This makes one sandwich:
Remove Red Pepper from jar and drain over sink with a colander. Place on paper towels to allow more oil to drain off.
Cut the peppers into slice of the desired size. I prefer mine on the thinner side.
Brush two pieces of bread with Olive Oil on one side
On the oil-free side of one slice of bread, add the meat, sliced cheese, and the sliced pepper, each as much or as little as you prefer.
Add the other slice on top, oil side out
Place sandwich on a hot frying pan/skillet
Put the tin foil wrapped brick/second pan on top and apply pressure to flatten the sandwich. Repeat as needed.
Flip sandwich when golden brown and flatten again.
Cut in half and serve.

This can be made without the meat and its still very good.


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