Bruschetta Bread

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Tomato bruschetta

Serves: 15

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Roma Tomatoes (FIRM) – 20 (diced)
Fresh Basil – 2 large packs or 4 small packs (julienne)
5-6 cloves of garlic (minced)
Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper
Green onions, chopped
Baguette bread

Optional – Feta cheese


o After dicing the tomatoes, let them sit in a colander to drain off water and seeds.
o Combine all ingredients and let marinate for 2 hours or so.
o Right before serving, drain off oil and vinegar and add some fresh oil and vinegar.

o Serve with slotted spoon and toasted baguettes or spoon onto baguettes and broil in the oven before serving.

(To toast baguettes, cook for 10 minutes at 250 degrees so they are not too crunchy)


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