Saturday morning pikelet stacks

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Quick and easy pikelets for those of us who choose to discriminate against the pancake shake ;)
-Sorry I'm a bit vauge with the quantities..
The trick to a good mix is not to stir it too much and to give the pan a little shake while cooking.

Preparation time: 6.5 (if being a slow-poke)
Cooking time: 5-10

Serves: 2

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*2 cups flour
*2 tablespoons bicarb soda + 1/8 cup lemon juice (not needed if using self-raising flour as this works as a raising agent)
*1/4-1 cup of raw sugar or sweetener (according to taste)
*Soy milk (Will also work with any other milk).
*(optional)a pinch or two of nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla essence.
*Cooking oil or spray


Grab out a mixing bowl and add flour, sugar, bicarb and spices (if using any). Give it a mix, even sift the flour in if you're not feeling lazy or using wholemeal flour (I've never sifted, not a morning person before brekkie).

Keep adding milk and stirring gently until mixture is just slightly runny (drips off the spoon like honey, not globs). Add the lemon juice just before cooking (if using) as this will activate the bicarb reaction, ooh, sciency!

Chuck a non-stick frypan on a medium heat with a light drizzle of oil or a coat of cooking spray(heat should be reduced nearing the end of the batch as pan will retain heat).

Race for a teaspoon before you set the house on fire and spoon several spoonfuls of your mix into the hot pan seperately. If not pikelet size, add another spoonful to each. If bigger than pikelet size, cool, you made a pancake (or 6)! Resume trying for a pikelet when that one's cooked. Eat pancake to hide the evidence you messed up ;)

Give the pan a little shake or two when pikelets start to bubble (even use a fork etc. just make sure they can roam freely round the pan, NO STICKIES!). Stir them around the pan from boredom/impatience.

Eat several to figure out if they're cooked yet, or for the not-so-hungry, wait until the bottom edges brown slightly, kind of to a tan colour, then with a fork or fancy-shmancy untensil (normally a spatula) flip 'em! If this reveals a burnt bottom, turn heat down or remove from heat and scold self.
Now they're solid, you can just flip to check they've browned nicely or slice and dice one open, if goo inside.. well duh, keep cooking, though they're normally slightly doughy on the inside.

When ready, bung on a serving plate (gently balance in stacks), give yourself a pat on the back (or force hungry guests to do so) and pick your topping of desire.

Goes fabulously with icecream (Sogood boysenberry soy-icecream reccommend) and a garnish of golden or maple syrup (as pictured).
Some lemon juice and sugar/sweetener goes down well too and I sure wouldn't pass up some apple stroop with 'em.. Or maybe some old-fashioned jam, your choice. Puree'd mango with cinnamon and sugar is one of my faves, it's a christmas breakfast tradition now.

For next time, adding a tablespoon or so of oil will give them a 'crunchy biscuit' edge. Still reckon they need eggs? Then try adding a nicely-mashed banana or some applesauce (pureed cooked apples) in the mix.

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