Cheezie Bacon Potatoes

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Exactly like the name says potatoes with cheese and bacon

Preparation time: about 15 min
Cooking time: about 45 min

Serves: 6


2lbs good bacon maple flavor is best
about 10 med red or white potatoes
grated cheddar cheese can use mozza as well
parsley to garnish


Wash and slice the potatoes in about 1 1/2" slices can peel or not that is own personal preferance.
Take your bacon and layer it into a cast iron frying pan or other oven ready pan works better if it is circular and heavy duty. When you layer the bacon in bottom of pan leave about half of it out or hanging your preferance to cover top like a present. Layer your potatoes in the middle of pan go as high as you want. in between the layers add the grated cheese then wrap it up with the rest of the bacon. Cook in preheated oven at about 375 for 45 min or until your desired doneness

This recipe is very greasy so dont' serve anything with it that is heavy perhaps a light salad on the side. Turkey bacon might work for this haven't tried it yet

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