Sundae Best

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Celebrate summer with a colorful sundae party, setting out toppings in fortune-tellers, those folded-paper staples of childhood.

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Fortune-Teller How-To
1. Place a 12-inch square of parchment or glassine on a face-down piece of patterned paper that's the same size. Fold in half diagonally, and unfold. Fold on the other diagonal, and unfold.
2. Fold in each corner to the center point, forming a smaller square.
3. Turn paper over, and fold in all corners so they meet, forming an even smaller square.
4. Fold square in half horizontally to form a rectangle; crease, and unfold so you are back at the square. Fold in half vertically; crease, and unfold.
5. Turn square over, and slip one finger under each flap. Press your fingers -- and the points of the fortune-teller -- together to form pockets. Place point side down, turn down flap of each pocket, and fill with desired sundae toppings

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