javiers piri piri

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a quick easy to make dish was the first meali made for my boyfriend and he still loves it

Preparation time: 10 min s
Cooking time: 25mins

Serves: 2


Two free range organic chicken fillets skin off
1 lemond rind
pirri pirri seasning
a bunch of kalamata olives
a punnett of cherry tomatoes
drizzle of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
For the side
half a cauliflauer
a can of organic cannelini beans
1 parsnip (very important)
dash of soy milk
snow peas or brocolini


in a deep dish slap the breasts chuck in the olives nd tomatoes and grated lemon rind and sprinkle the piri piri and then top with a drizzle of oil. wack it in the oven at 250 degrees and pour yourself a glass of chardonay and watch temptation for 15 minuets. Then chop cauliflauer and parsnip and place in saucpan then go and feed the cat and kiss your boyfriend then when the cauliflauer is soft add the beans. Drain over a sink of dishes that havent been done for a few days grab a blender that you brought from harvey norman that you tried to get five bucks off cos it was a display item but you didnt suceed and add the soy milk and when your boyfriends not looking a teaspoon of butter and blend till smooth. blanche the snow peas grab a white plate and strategically serve the chicken mash and snow peas drizzle the juices from the oven pan. to top it off you need to pick a few sprigs of parsely that is growing madly outside the backdoor and garnish. Bring the plate to your boyfriend just as th temptation contestant is deciding wether to come back or not. Your boyfriend then tells you to bring some salt and tells you how delicious it is>

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