Lazy Chocolate Cake

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Simple but fantastic rich and moist chocolate cake - divine!

Preparation time: 20 mins + cooling time
Cooking time: 45 mins

Serves: 10

Dietary guidance: v 

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2Cups Sugar (caster, normal, etc)
200g Butter
2Cups Cold Water
¾ C Cocoa (Sifted) (Green & Blacks if poss)
1tsp Vanilla Essence (or imitation)
1tsp Baking Soda (sifted)


Melt all the above in a saucepan until sauce like then leave to completely cool. (I usually prep the night before not to waste any time)

Preheat oven 150 degrees Celsius on Fan-bake or 165 degrees Celsius on Bake

3 Eggs
2C Self-Rising Flour (sifted)

Add eggs into cooled chocolate sauce until well mixed (this will appear more glossy).

Slowly combine sauce into flour until well mixed. If lumpy, pour through a sieve.

Pour mixture into lined and greased 9-inch baking tin and bake for 30min on Fan bake 150 Celsius or 45min on Normal Bake. Check with skewer.

Once cooled – cover with favourite icing….

(For a decadent chocolate overload, make two cakes the same size. Once cooled, join them together with chocolate ganache, then ice with chocolate frosting. Decorate with grated choc/crumbled flake bars. Certain to make an impression!)

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