Nachos (My Way)

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I am well aware there are so many variations to this recipe. What I present here is one of the more simpler versions. Good if you want to eat something sooner, such as a snack, brunch, or appetizers.


Preparation time:
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-1 Pound of Ground Beef (or just use whatever amount was given when you bought from the market. It really does not make much of a difference.
-Olive Oil (Preferably Seasoned)
Spices and Seasonings (Salt, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Basil, Oregano, Italian Seasoning)
-Cheese Salsa (The 6-8 oz. cans you buy as well from the market)
-A Bag of Torilla or Corn Chips (Whatever you want to use for dipping)
-Cheddar Jack (or any 16 oz. bag of shredded cheese used for mexican food. What I listed was only a personal preference of mine)


-Defrost the ground beef, setting the time to its net weight estimated.
-If you have the time and the beef is not fully defrosted, let it sit in the sink for about an hour and it will thaw by itself. If you are impatient and want this done and over with, skip this step.
-Get out a pan big enough to hold all the meat and pour some olive oil onto it. Make sure the surface is all nicely greased, but do not overdo it.
-Place the beef on to the greased pan and turn the heat on to high. Use a ladel to mix around the beef so that it breaks down into much small pieces as it is being cooked.
-When all the beef is half-way cooked, started spinkling on the spices and the seasonings. For the salt and peppers, about 1 full second of dashing would do. For the powders: 2 full seconds. For the remaining: 3 full seconds.
-By now it would be wise to start lowering the heat to midway. Continue mixing altogether until the beef is completely cooked. Be sure to taste one in advance as a precaution and for taste.
-In a medium-sized pot, pour in the beef and all the cheese salsa. Mix it together and let it sit on the stove at low heat for the sake of keeping it warm.
-Get out a plate that is big enough to hold a platter full of chips, yet able to fit safely into a microwave. Pour on as many chips as the plate can hold. Pour on enough beef to cover a great deal in the middle, but make sure some of the chips at the end visible enough to grip. Sprinkle on enough of the shredded cheese to cover the entire platter, but still, as mentioned before, let a little of chips be noticed.
-Place the entire platter into the microwave for 2-4 minutes or until the shredded cheese on top is fully melted. If you do not have a rotating microwave, rotate manually 1/4 of the way every 30 seconds to make sure the heat is evenly distributed around the cheese.

Extra Notes:
What I have just presented is based only on my experience. If you have other ways of using the heat or distributing the seasonings, that is fine. If you have plenty of the mixed beef and cheese left over and you are looking for variety, here are some of many things you can do:

-If you have any tortilla roles, lay one flat, pour on the beef and shredded cheese, then place another tortilla role. Due the same with a bunch of them if you like. Put it as is in a toaster oven or place all in a regular oven big enough. Let it sit in there at a low heat for a few minutes (like about five). Remove and enjoy!
-Mix the beef with cheese salsa and the shredded cheese altogeher. Stir until the shredded cheese is fully melted. Dice some lettuce, tomatoes, or whatever vegetables you like in your tacos or burritos. I am sure you know where this is heading.
-If you really want something filling, open up the bread roll you like to use for making sandwiches, pour on the mixed beef and cheese on the base, and put it in a toaster oven (face open) at low heat. Anything else you want to add is your choice.


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