Tofu Morena

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This delicious dish of tofu sauté is the only way to make something tasty out of the otherwise disgusting alcohol-free mexican beer "Morena", which you can buy in every C - town supermarket in the US.

Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 20 minutes

Serves: 2-3

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500 grams of extra-hard tofu. It is important to use the hardest possible tofu.
4 small green peppers
1 big onion
1 bottle of "Morena la Alemana", a mexican beer without alcohol available in many latino-owned supermarkets in the USA. If you do not have morena, a very brown stout may do, but that would be wasting a good beer. With Morena there is no such problem.
a spoonful of olive oil
salt, pepper, coriander (10 seeds)


Cut the tofu in small cubes. Pour the Morena beer in a bowl and put the tofu cubes in the bowl. Let the tofu rest in the beer fora little less than one hour. The tofu must be tasty, but not decomposed. The harder the tofu, the more time it can rest in the Morena.

Cut the peppers and the onions in small parts.

Take the tofu cubes from the bowl, without drying them, and cook at maximum temperature in sizzling olive oil with the coriander and the onion, in a wok, for 10 minutes. Mix frequently. Then, add half a cup of Morena from the bowl to the mix, and cook till all the beer is absorbed. Salt, pepper. Add the green peppers and cook for 5 minutes at a lesser temperature.

Add whatever spices you fancy at this stage.

Serve with brown rice, with soy sauce or balinese coconut sauce, or no sauce at all.

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