Scallop and Salmon roe noodles

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I reversed engineered this dish from the most delightful meal at Rockpool in Syndey: Truffle flavoured, abalone rice noodles. I made a few modifications for everyday eating, but it's super easy to make if you have all the ingredients.

Preparation time: 5
Cooking time: 10



Thin rice noodles

Salmon Roe (fish eggs or otherwise known as ikura)
green onions
thinly slice shitake mushrooms
truffle oil
scallops or peeled prawns
soy sauce
cilantro (coriander)

- scrambled egg
- sliced abalone is the original recipe


1. Soak rice noodles in boiling hot water for 8 min so it is al dente (Don't boil it or it will fall apart!). Then drain.

2. Dip scallops (cut in half if big) or peeled prawns in light soy sauce and grill so it's brown on both sides but not over cooked.

3. Lightly stir fry shitake mushrooms for a couple minutes and green onions at the end.

4. Mix noodles, mushrooms, scallops together in a bowl. Carefully mix the salmon roe so as to not crush them.

5. Drizzle with truffle oil and garnish with cilantro.

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