Mark's NY Reuben

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The classic American deli sandwich - no substitutes! This recipe hinges on the best produce you can get, and the bread should be marbled rye - a mixed rye bread of dark and light rye - available in Jewish delis; characterised by a swirl in the bread of th

Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins

Serves: 1


2 slices marbled fresh rye bread
200g the best corned beef - thinly sliced (thickness of a 10p coin)
100g saurkraut
thousand island dressing
2 medium slices of a strong hard Emmenthal
tablepoon butter
best quality dill pickle


1. heat corned beef in a heaped mound on a large saucepan (no butter or oil) over medium heat until warmed through.
2. on the other half of the saucepan, melt the butter and add the bread slices to lightly fry. this will take only a few mins - just to toast the bread lightly and warm the beef. flip both half way through, keeping meat together in a mound.
3. add saurkraut on top of meat pile. add a squirt of the thousand island dressing and add the cheese on top of pile.
4. take bread off pan
5. put a lid on the pan to melt cheese and further heat ingredients - should take 2 mins
6. spatula whole pile all off in one mound and put on bread (can add extra thousand island dressing on the bread - depending on taste
7. put the top piece of bread on - and put on the pan and warm up a bit more - flip once.
8. put on plate with whole dill pickle and serve

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