Chicken pasta

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Chicken and Pasta

Preparation time: Not Long
Cooking time: Not Long

Serves: Depends


1 cup pasta boiled (add pinch salt while
· 1/2 cup chicken cut in small pieces
· 1/2 capsicum chopped
· 2 green chillies chopped
· salt to taste
· 1 cup tomato katchup
· 1 t.sp chopped garlic
· 2 tb.sp chopped onion
· 1 t.sp red chilly powder
· 2 tb.sp veniger
· 1 t.sp ajinomoto
· 3 tb.sp oil
· 1/4 glass water


1. Heat oil in a non sticky pan
2. Add and slightly fry onion then add chopped
3. Now add chicken and fry at medium heat for
5- 6 minutes
4. Add vineger, salt, ajinomoto and red chilly
powder and cook for 5
5. Put capsicum in it and add tomato katchup
6. Now add pasta and pour water and let it
cook for more 5 minutes in
7. Sprinkle green chillies over it and remove
from heat
8. Serve hot.

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