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Braised Lamb Shanks

Preparation time: 0.5 hrs
Cooking time: 4 hrs

Serves: 2-3


-4-6 fresh Lamb Shanks (depends on the size of the shanks...smaller are better)
-3 Med Carrots
-5 stalks of Celery
-1 bag of onions (8-10 sm),or 3.5 lrg onions
-1 whole head of garlic: peeled and cloves whole
-1 cup good red wine
-1 tbsp olive oil
-1 Lrg Can of whole tomatoes
-1 heaping Tsp Paprika per shank
-Nice Sea Salt ( I salt as I go: approx salt amts are in the method)
-2 Tsp Chili flakes
-2 Fresh Bay leaves (dried is ok)


This is a stove top method... but can be done in the oven as well! You will need a lrg heavy pot or roasting pan.

1-Prep the Mire Poix (Carrots, Onion, celery) cut into lrg pieces about 2inchs. I cut the celery and carrots on the bias. Onions into 1/4's for the sm or 1/6's for the lrg. You want the pieces to be lrg because they will be cooking for 4+hrs in liquid and you don't want them to totally disintegrate into mush! :)

2-Salt the shanks (approx 1/2 tsp/shank) and brown in the pot you are cooking them in on med high or in a roasting pan in the oven at 400deg. you want to make sure they are really browned as this is where a lot of the flavour comes from.

2-once they are browned add the paprika and let it sautee for a min (dont let it burn, you just want the paprika to slightly cook...may want to add with the pan off the heat) remove the shanks and drain half of the oil/fat from the pan.

3- Still on med high add the onions(2 tsp Salt) and sautée. Use your spoon the get all the brown bits off the bottom of the pan from browning the shanks. Cook the onions until slightly softened and transparent.

4- Add the carrots (2 tsp Salt) get them warmed and then add the Celery (1 tsp Salt) and cloves of garlic.

5-Put the shanks back in the pot and add the wine, Can of Tomatoes liquid and all(1Tsp Salt), Bay leaves, Chili flakes. you may want to add another Tsp of paprika at this time if needed. If you like it spicy add 1/2tsp of cayenne pepper as well.

6-Top up with water so the shanks are fully covered in liquid. taste for seasoning...if you think it needs a little more salt add it. make it a little less salty than you want it because you will be reducing the sauce and don’t want it to be too salty.
cover and bring to a boil (stove top). Oven method cover with tin foil and reduce the heat to 350c.

7-stove top method: once boiling reduce heat to a simmer or lowest setting

8- Cooked covered for 3hrs WITHOUT STIRRING!

9-if the shanks are smaller 3 hrs is likely enough...lrg shanks may take up to 4 hrs.

10- the meat should be super tender and "falling off" the bone. use a knife to see where they are at. if they aren't tender enough cook covered a bit longer.

11- once the shanks have reached that state carefully remove the shanks and cook the "sauce" uncovered on med high until its thickened up...approx 20mins.

12- while you are reducing the sauce put the shanks on a baking tray and brown a bit in the oven on 385C. makes them a little crispy again.

13- you are now ready spoon some of the sauce and veg (carrots, onions, celery). Add some fresh pepper and enjoy!!

**I like the shanks with brown rice or mashed potatoes. your choice of side veg

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