Fiddle Head and cattail salad

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Serves: 5-10

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3 Cups Fiddle Head Ferns
Be Sure They Are Not Unrolled (Open)
1 Cup of Leeks
1 Cup of Cattail Shoots (Young
2 Cups of Lettuce
Sunflower Seeds
Half a Cup Oil
Wild Garlic



Pick the fiddle head fern in the spring when they are young, up to 6 inches in height and unopened wash these and then drain.
Chop leeks add to the fiddle head.
Pick cattails early in the spring also and peel first layer to get to the tender shoots.
the roots are also used as well
Wash and chop and then drain.
Add to other ingredients.
Cut up some lettuce and add to the others.
Add sunflower seeds.
Then add some oil and salt and pepper, a little wild garlic is the best or regular garlic.

Note: Most ingredients are found in the Spring and in marshy areas in the woods. Be sure to wash wild foods. You will get soaked on your search so wear boots.


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