"Geoff's Suggestions on the Do's & Don't's of BBQ Steak" by Geoffrey C. Brown, Kitchener, Ontario

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Information I have gathered over the years to grill the best steaks possible!

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Cook approximately 5 minutes for every half-inch of thickness:


1” --------------------- 11-12 minutes
1-1/2” -------------------- 14-16 minutes
2” -------------------- 20-22 minutes

• SAFETY TIP # 1: NEVER START A PROPANE OR GAS BBQ WITH THE LID CLOSED. ALWAYS OPEN THE LID FIRST BEFORE STARTING. Once the BBQ is lit, close the lid to allow the temperature to rise (to at least 500°F or higher).

• SAFETY TIP # 2: ALWAYS USE TWO SERVING TRAYS/PLATES. Use one for the steaks BEFORE grilling and one AFTER grilling. This should also apply to using two different sets of tongs before and after as well.

• It is important to allow the steaks to get up to room temperature before putting them on the grill. Steaks should also be taken out of the fridge about 30 minutes before grilling. A cold steak on the grill will ‘throw off’ the total timing of how long you wish to have the steaks on the grill.

• Lightly oil the grill before placing the steaks on it. This helps prevent the steaks from possibly sticking when you wish to turn them. It also makes cleaning the grill afterwards easier!

• REMEMBER, TIMING IS EVERYTHING! It may be easier for you to use a digital stopwatch to keep track of the timings. It saves on a lot of guesswork. (Never press down on a steak or cut a steak to see if it’s done while it is grilling as this will only let the juices to escape.)

• You only need to TURN A STEAK ONCE (OR A FEW TIMES AT MOST) - grill on HIGH for 2 minutes - then flip the steak and continue grilling on HIGH for another 2 minutes - then turn the BBQ down to MEDIUM heat (and flip the steaks over at this time if you wish and if you feel you have to, one more time again about halfway with your overall timing.) and continue cooking until desired doneness. Constantly flipping a steak can cause it to loose some of its juices and make it tougher.

• Grill flare-ups often happen and so move your steaks away from these areas immediately when you see this happening. You can also pour a bit of water or beer on the flare-up to put it out. That’s why barbecuing takes your full attention!

• Every BBQ is different and so you may have to experiment and adjust your overall timings that are best for you. The table above is just a general guide.

• Always use tongs to handle and/or turn a steak. Using a fork will only puncture a steak and allow the juices to escape, which you don’t want to happen.

• If you also like using BBQ sauce, then only brush on a thin coating in the last 5 minutes of cooking. Putting BBQ sauce on too early will only result in the sauce burning and possibly affecting the overall timing of the desired doneness. My favourite BBQ sauce is “President’s Choice” – ‘Beer & Chipotle - Smokin’ Stampede’ BBQ Sauce.

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