Greek Halva With Semolina (Halvas Me Simigdali)

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Greek Halva With Semolina (Halvas Me Simigdali)

Preparation time: 10 mins approx
Cooking time: 30 mins approx


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3/4 cup olive oil (1 for full recipe)
1 cup semolina (fine)
1 cup semolina (coarse)
2 1/4 cup sugar (3 for full recipe)
4 cups water


Heat the oil in a pot.
Add the semolina and start "frying" it stirring it with a wooded spoon,
until it becomes yellow (blond).
In the meanwhile, put the water with the sugar to boil in another pot for 10 min
to make the syrup.
When the semolina is ready, pour the syrup on it and continue to stir, while
lowering the heat, until it thickens.
The halva is ready when it falls off the walls of the pot by itself.
Put it in a mould and when it cools down, remove from the mould onto a plate
and sprinkle with cinnamon.

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