Greek Wild Greens Pie (Hortopita)

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Greek Wild Greens Pie (Hortopita)

Preparation time: 20-30 mins approx
Cooking time: 1hr - 1hr 10mins approx


Dietary guidance: v 

Tags: greek · pie · greens · wild · hortopita ·


1.5 kg wild greens
200 grams spring onions, finely cut
1.5 cups oil
1 cup feta cheese (optional)
1 tbsp. sugar
fillo pastry


Wash and finely cut the wild greens. Rub them with salt. Press them to release their water. Add sugar, 1 cup oil, dill, parsley, onions and the cheese. Coat the baking pan with oil and lay half the fillo leaves, also coated with oil. Lay the mixture uniformly over the leaves and lay the remaining fillo leaves on top. Bake in medium heat for 50-60 minutes.

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