"Geoff’s Oven Baked BBQ Ribs" by Geoffrey C. Brown, Kitchener, Ontario

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There are many ways to cook ribs, but I find this method is tried and true. Nothing beats the slow-cooking process required to ensure the ribs will be very tender. The gradual layered effect of adding BBQ sauce throughout the cooking allows the sauce to i

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 5 hours

Serves: 4


2 large racks of pork baby back ribs (each cut in half to make 4 servings)
Garlic powder
“Club House” – ‘La Grille Montreal Chicken’ seasoning
1/4 cup water (approx.)
3/4 to 1 Litre (approx. 35 oz) of your favourite BBQ sauce (I like to use “President’s Choice” Chicken & Rib BBQ Sauce – OR – “President’s Choice” – ‘Beer & Chipotle - Smokin’ Stampede’ BBQ Sauce.)


1. Preheat oven at 250F. (You want the oven temperature low so they cook slower in the BBQ sauce.)

2. Place ribs in a large oven tray*. Dust each side of the ribs with garlic powder and the ‘Montreal Chicken’ seasoning. (I then like to use a metal meat mallet to gently tap the seasoning into the ribs.)

3. Pour a 1/4 cup or less (approx.) of water into the tray and generously cover each rack of rib with the BBQ sauce (I pour onto each rack then use a brush to evenly coat all surfaces. Then turn over the ribs and repeat with more sauce.)

4. Place in oven. Cook for 5 hours*. Every hour on the hour, remove from oven; add another generous amount of BBQ sauce (brush the sauce on evenly to completely cover) to both sides of each rack of ribs. Return to oven to continue cooking until done.

*Note 1: The tray should be min. 2” deep. I suggest using a disposable large rectangle shape tinfoil tray (much like the oval shape ones used to roast turkeys). It’s less messy and easier on the cleanup afterwards.

*Note 2: If you wish you can also put the ribs on the BBQ (low heat) in the LAST HOUR OF COOKING, giving them added BBQ flavour (also add more sauce to each side as required when they are on the BBQ).

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