Baby Beet Salad

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Man this is a simple and one hell of a delicious lip smackin' salald.. can be used as a starter of a mian!!

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: -

Serves: 1 person

Dietary guidance: v 


Baked Beet root( bakled at 150C for an hour , till soft) , peeled and diced.
Baked Shallots( same as baby beet but cut down on the time to about 50 mins)
rocket Leaves
lemmon dressing
Paresan cheese( shaves) or semi dried ricotta crumble.


Place Diced beets , Chopped shallots , Salt , pepper and Balsamic dressing in a bowl and mix all the ingredients together. Taste and adjust it to your liking.
toss rocket salad and lemon dressing..
For the grand finale.. Place the salad in a plate or bowl topped with the rocket salad and the parmesan or ricotta cheese!!!

P.N. I didn't put and measurements for the ingredients.. Personally i feel thats kinda lame cuz you'll oughta do it according to your taste..


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